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Our Mission

The mission of Gulf Coast ABLE is to increase the overall quality of life for individuals of all abilities and their families through respite, community engagement, and equitable access to fun and meaningful activities. 



Create a community where individuals of all abilities are ABLE (have the power, skill, means, freedom, and opportunity) to do anything.


Autonomy: freedom from external control or influence; independence

Employees and participants of ABLE feel that their voice is heard while being respected and given opportunities to grow.


Belonging: an affinity for a place or situation

Employees and participants of ABLE always feel safe, wanted, and valued.

Love: a great interest and pleasure in something; deep affection

Employees and participants are loved where they are and for who they are. Everything we do is with love for one another.


Experience: an event or occurrence that leaves an impression on someone

ABLE creates opportunities for employees and participants that are fun and meaningful.

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